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Marcus Isaac is a NYC based photographer who for the past 7 years has been committed to capturing timeless images that both captivate and inspire. Since the start of his career, Isaac’s passion and artistry behind the lens has expanded well beyond portrait photography. With a portfolio that now includes everything from fashion, lifestyle, & social media photography, Isaac’s aesthetic is a multidimensional imprint felt both in print and on-line. Whether it’s professional models, dancers, creatives, or other tastemakers, his eye is trusted by those who seek to carefully craft their image to truly connect with their audience. With a client centered mission, Marcus Isaac is steadfast in providing a one of a kind experience for his clients and delivering flawlessly stunning photos.

With an ever expanding portfolio, the works of Marcus Isaac photography have been featured in several publications including the September 2016 issue of Billie Blunt Magazine, December 2016 issue of Elegant Magazine, March 2017 Billie Blunt Plus Magazine Premier Issue, March 2017 issue of Elegant Magazine, April 2017 issue of Farbe Magazine as well as the April 2017 issue of Rare Fashion Magazine. Additionally, Marcus is the lead photographer for Bronx Fashion Week and the Director of Photography and Videography for Runway the Real Way production team.

As a dedicated professional committed to the art of photography, Marcus Isaac is continuously expanding his knowledge base so that he can deliver the best results to his clients. Recently, he completed and received certification from the New York Institute of Photography. He is mastering his craft and yet his career is ever-evolving and expanding. Through carefully crafted images, Marcus Isaac is building a legacy that will define and influence generations to come.

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