Spring Floral Editorial

Updated: Jul 27, 2018


Our concept for this Photoshoot, was a floral paradise. In preparation for this shoot, we went to Michaels and bought numerous floral pieces, accents, and wooden boxes to tie into the theme. The set up for the Photoshoot was held up by a portable Savage Universal backdrop stand. We attached the floral vines to the backdrop pole and arranged the loose flowers alongside and within the boxes. Collaborating with boutique, Versailles, we were able to use this glamorous floral gown. It definitely helped tie the theme together. The makeup was kept to warm neutrals and hair styled with romantic curls and pulled back. Below, you can see the completed set up.


Camera Settings: 1/200 sec, f/6.3, ISO 100


Key Light:

Main Light, Profoto D2, and a 27" Impact Lighting Beauty Dish

The main light here is set up at a low position, as the model would be sitting on the stool. It is facing downward, slightly above her eye level. On it is a 27" beauty dish and a grid. I used the grid to create mood and contrast to enhance the dress she was wearing.

Overhead Light:

Main Light, Profoto D2, and a 27" Impact Lighting Beauty Dish

This studio strobe, with a 7 foot parabolic umbrella attached to it, is showing how it is going to light up the model, as she's sitting on the stool. It is set up high enough to light the model and most of the setup. I attached the white diffuser on it to soften the scene over and around her.

Fill Light:

Fill Light, Profoto B1, and a 20" Impact Lighting Beauty Dish

This light I placed to the side of the model, and put a grid on it so no light was to spill onto the set and completely focused it at the model. It was used as a very subtle fill of light, and not intended to create a strong rim light. I had the power of the strobe low enough to simply fill in the shadows.

Background Light:

This fourth and final light was to add more dimension to the background setup. I placed it high above the set to give more 'light' to scene and bring out even illumination to the setup as a whole.


Nikon D850

  • Nikon-designed back-side illuminated (BSI) full-frame image sensor with no optical low-pass filter.

  • 45.7 megapixels of extraordinary resolution, outstanding dynamic range & virtually no risk of moire.

  • Up to 9 fps continuous shooting at full resolution with full AF performance. See more.....

Nikon 24-70mm

  • Lens Mount: Nikon

  • Zoom Focal Length: 24-70mm Lens

  • Image Stabilization Type: Yes (VR)

  • Lens Format: Full Frame

  • Maximum Aperture: f/2.8

  • Special Features: Fluorite Lens Elements

  • Lens Type: Wide Angle to Telephoto Zoom SLR Lens

See more....

Profoto D2 1000Ws AirTTL Monolight

  • Adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 10 f-stop power range

  • Bursts up to 20 flashes per second with flash durations up to 1/63,000 of a second.

  • High Speed Sync upto 1/8,000s.

  • Shoot in TTL or manual mode. See more....

Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL To-Go Kit, Flash Head, Battery, Battery Charger and Bag

  • Power Type: DC

  • Watt Seconds: 500ws

  • Number of Heads: Includes 1 Head

  • Accessory Mount: Profoto Mount

  • TTL Compatibility: TTL Monolight. See more....

Westcott 7 Feet Parabolic Umbrella, White/Black

  • Measures 7.25' (2.2 m) in diameter

  • Constructed using 16 durable fiberglass ribs

  • Double wall shaft is engineered

  • 7 mm tapered umbrella shaft tip

  • Shoulder strap is lightweight & constructed of heavy-duty nylon

  • Interior Color: White. See more....

Savage Port-a-Stand Background Support System Extends from 44" to 8'10"

  • Support Type: Free Standing

  • Support Height: 10' High

  • Support Width: Weighs 9'

  • Configuration: Includes Support Only

See more....

SpiderHolster SpiderLight Single Camera System

  • SpiderHolster SpideLight Camera Holster

  • SpideLight Plate

  • SpideLight Pin

  • SpideLight Single Belt

  • 1/8" Hex Wrench. See more....

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